Tips for Success in Math Class

  1. Do all math in pencil–not pen.
  2. Erase and rewrite incorrect work. Never write one number on top of another.
  3. Use a white plastic eraser rather than pink rubber to avoid smudges.
  4. Write only horizontal (not diagonal) fraction lines to clearly see numerators and denominators.
  5. When “crossing out” a number, make one thin line rather a total obliteration to be able to find mistakes.
  6. Leave your work visible when done.
  7. Keep all work together rather than using scrap paper.
  8. Use 8.5 by 11 paper (not the smaller 8 by 10 size) for more space.
  9. Work belongs on your paper, not in a school’s book.
  10. When possible, use a more insightful method rather than standard arithmetic.
  11. Always learn math vocabulary.
  12. Understand errors daily and weekly. Ask for help when needed. Do not let confusion build.
  13. Write all digits starting at the top.
  14. Use a ruler to graph lines. Show all intercepts and the line in all possible quadrants.