Marla Weiss enjoys working with teachers, parents, and students in a variety of settings. She can design workshops to meet most needs. Fees are based on the number of days and hours contracted as well as the amount of preparation time required (e.g. an analysis of a school’s unique situation). Clients also pay travel and lodging expenses if applicable. Please e-mail for fees and scheduling.

Possibilities include:

  • demonstration lessons to students;
  • demonstration lessons to teachers;
  • Q & A with teachers;
  • Q & A with parents or PTO/PTA;
  • review of school curriculum;
  • analysis of school textbook series
  • presentations on how to best use the MAVA Math workbooks.

Available for scheduling:

  • A presentation with Q & A based on the nonfiction book From STEM To STEW: Finally Fixing Math Education By Turning It Upside Down
  • A workshop titled What Parents Need to Know About Their Children’s Math Education
  • A workshop titled Why preparing for the math sections of the ACT and SAT begins in kindergarten