About Marla Weiss

Dr. Marla Weiss, highly respected among her colleagues and students, is a mathematics educator with four degrees: BA in Mathematics (Barnard College), MA in Applied Mathematics (Harvard University), ME in Applied Mathematics (Harvard University), and PhD in Mathematics Education (Walden University). She has done classroom teaching, school consulting, test preparation, individual tutoring, curriculum design, teacher workshops, math team coaching, materials development, student evaluations, math series analysis, and textbook writing. Her students have won hundreds of awards collectively in MATHCOUNTS, Mu Alpha Theta, Florida Math League, and the International Computer Problem Solving Contest. Additionally, Dr. Weiss owned and operated a private education center with a focus on math offerings. Her background is unique. As the daughter of a mathematics educator, she was reared in a household full of math books that her father used in his multi-faceted mathematics work. He was one of the first math teachers in the country trained in the Sputnik era “New Math.” Not only did Dr. Weiss receive this education in junior high, but also she traveled in the summers with her father in the United States and Canada as he trained other teachers in the movement. Moreover, Dr. Weiss was both a high school student and college counselor at the prestigious (Arnold) Ross Program in mathematics at Ohio State University, supported then by the National Science Foundation. This grounding in number theory, abstract algebra, and logic, along with other advanced classes, gave her almost a college major in math by the time of her high school graduation. Her experience with computer science further enriches her logical approach to math. Her first programming course was at Newton South High School, Newton, MA with lab time at MIT, many decades before computers became commonplace. She had a junior research faculty appointment at Columbia University School of Public Health where she worked as a computer programmer and taught database skills to epidemiology graduate students. She has taught in various other settings including Harvard University as a graduate student Teaching Assistant, community college, public and independent schools, homeschool, private tutoring, and the Duke University Talent Identification Program. Recently, Dr. Weiss served as a math consultant for ACT, Inc. She is one of very few certified trainers in ACT Math (see the ACT web page) in a new worldwide program.