From students . . .

“I hope your site helps to promote your math books. I am sure that any math book that you have written would be beneficial to anyone who reads it because of all that I learned from you during the time you were my teacher.” (college freshman)

“I’ve known Dr. Weiss for many years. She is encouraging, patient, and insightful. Dr. Weiss has taught me how to understand the basic concepts behind math problems. She actually makes me have to think hard!” (8th grader)

“I’ve known Dr. Weiss since third grade. From day one she has been supportive of me on my quest through the world of math. Dr. Weiss has been my coach for MATHCOUNTS, classroom teacher, and friend throughout my middle school years.” (12th grader)

“Math was once a subject that I dreaded. I have worked with Dr. Weiss for four years now, and I must say, her unique and matchless methods of instruction have allowed me to approach math in a completely different way. I now love math—my highest score in a given subject on the SATs was in math and I have been a member of Mu Alpha Theta for the past two years!” (12th grader)

“I had Dr. Weiss for two years as a teacher. Her innovative teaching methods and insight into the world of math really helped me to grasp the more difficult subjects. I am sure her textbooks are filled with the same intuition she demonstrated in class.” (college freshman)

“Marla taught me the fundamentals of math in sixth grade. She taught me how to think about math in a certain way that gave me great confidence and enabled me to succeed in math from then on, even on the SAT and at Stanford. After I graduated from college, I passed on some of Marla’s lessons to young students as a math tutor. In sum, Marla has made me appreciate the value of education.” (law student)

From parents . . .

“I have known Marla Weiss for over twenty years as a friend, colleague and teacher of my son. During that time I have continued to be amazed at the depth and brilliance of her mind. Her hard work and dedication over the years towards excellence in mathematics and computer science education have been exemplary. Her strengths with insights for mental math solutions and creative problem solving techniques have helped many students.” (middle school math teacher and parent of 9th grader, now computer scientist)

“Marla Weiss entered my life when my children were eleven and thirteen years old. Her expertise in the field of mathematics and her ability to use concise and clear teaching methods have helped my children exceed beyond their highest expectations. Their loss of math instruction in their earlier years was superseded by her valuable instruction. What a blessing!” (parent of 9th grade and 12th grade students)

“As a gifted individual, my son found that many of his teachers felt threatened by his abilities. Often he was frustrated by their attempts to hold him back. Dr. Weiss was the exception. She reached and challenged him on his level which earned his respect and made a profound difference in his life. Thank you, Marla.” (parent of middle schooler, now college freshman)

I want to thank you for your incredible math books. I showed the books to our boys’ teacher, and she fell in love with them!  My sons now use your books all the time. You’ve brilliantly designed your books in an orderly, methodical, and easy to use format. Thank you so much! (mother of home-school elementary students)

From colleagues . . .

“I professionally recommend MAVA Books for math instruction. Having worked with Marla Weiss, I know how succinct and accurate her materials are for math students of all ages. I find the materials to be highly organized, sensible, appropriately challenging, logically tiered, and intellectually stimulating. When using these materials, students gain a solid math foundation and an appreciation for the beauty of the subject.” (elementary school teacher)

“Dr. Weiss has had extraordinary success as a classroom mathematics teacher. Her students routinely overwhelmed the competition in the regional Mu Alpha Theta Algebra I contests. She taught math for several years to many of the sixth grade and eighth grade students who have now won the local MATHCOUNTS contest for twenty-one consecutive years. She is a master of both curriculum design and teaching strategies.” (middle and high school math teacher)

“I learned so much from working with Marla. I am a better math teacher because of her.” (elementary school teacher)

“From her vast knowledge of math and her long experience as a teacher at all levels, Marla Weiss has created up-to-date teaching tools. For several years, I personally witnessed her success in teaching math and watched her students win regional and state contests. For the benefit of all math teachers, Dr. Weiss has created textbooks that can only improve their teaching methods.” (elementary school through college educator)


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